Business Strategies

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 Small Business Ownership  Business Continuation
  • Corporate Federal Income Taxation
  • Odds of Dying
  • Odds of Becoming Disabled
  • Business Continuation Planning
  • Business Protection Planning
  • Executive Benefit Planning
  • Employee Benefit Pyramid
  • Menu of Services
  • Assisting a Key Employee to Fund an Insured Buy-Sell Plan
  • Insured Buy-Sell Plans Comparison for Partnerships
  • Insured Buy-Sell Plans Comparison for Corporations
  • Insured “Wait-and-See” Buy-Sell Plan
  • Three Ways to Fund a Section 303 Stock Redemption Plan
  • Four Ways to Fund a Buy-Sell Plan
  • Four Ways to Fund a Disability Buy-Sell Plan
  Employee Benefits  Executive Benefits
  • For Use with Employers:
  • The Employee Benefit Pyramid
  • Employee Benefit Action Checklist
  • Health Savings Account in Action
  • For Use with Employees:
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Health Savings Account in Action
  • The Reverse Discrimination of Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Executive Bonus Plan In Action
  • Insured Death Benefit Only Plan In Action
  • Business Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plan In Action
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plan Premium Variations
  • Group Carve-Out Plan In Action
  • Insured Disability Salary Continuation Plan In Action
  • Deferred Compensation Plan In Action
  • Selective Executive Retirement Plan In Action
Business Protection
  • Key Employee Indemnification Insurance Plan In Action
  • Business Loan Insurance Plan In Action
  • Business Overhead Expenses Protection In Action

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